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Our number one commitment is to be the best when it comes to managing your investment. You worked hard to obtain it and we will work hard to maximize the potential of that property. As with any successful business we are dedicated to earning your trust and respect. We will earn that endorsement from you while relieving you of the burden of managing your rental properties. If you lack the time or expertise needed for day-to-day management of your real estate investment, Elite Property Management, LLC will do it for you.

Elite Property Management is a locally owned and operated business with more then 42 years combined experience in investing and property management. Elite Property Management, LLC strides to provide superior customer service and prides itself in going above and beyond for our clients and tenants alike. Our rental specialists are experienced and educated in professional property management. We offer personalized service to each and every customer. Experience the "Elite Difference".

Kuen-Berg Properties started out as a Partnership to invest in real estate in Grand Forks, ND and East Grand Forks, MN. It was our intention to provide well maintained, safe dwellings for tenants in our market, while realizing a reasonable profit on our investment. In our pursuit of this endeavor, we utilized local property managers and found that they did not meet our expatiations for commitment to owners, or tenants for that matter. This frustration led us to begin managing our own properties, and therefore began Elite Property Management, LLC.

Property Management Process

Property Information Research
After receiving a request from the owner, we will conduct an in-office research on the subject property. This includes: obtaining pertinent information on the property, a market analysis for rental values and current competition in the area

    Property Visit
    Elite Property Management, LLC will visit the property to estimate the condition and market value of the property. Recommendations based on the inspection will be provided by the owner.

    Property Management Agreement
    Once the owner has come to a decision to list the property with Elite Property Management, LLC., we will prepare a Property Management Agreement.

    Advertise the property using various marketing channels including newspapers, phone book, signage, and the internet.

    Tenant Screening
    Once we receive an application from a potential tenant, we will conduct a thorough credit and criminal background check, verify employment and contact previous landlords.

    Lease Preparation
    As soon as the application is approved, we will prepare a lease agreement.

    The tenant will move in on the date specified on the lease agreement.

    If there are any repair, we will arrange and meet repairman/tenants at the property if necessary.

    We will make any reoccurring payables, owners association, tax or mortgage payment on behalf of the owner. We will remit payment to vendors from owners funds and insure the appropriate tax forms at the end of the year.

    Management fee
    Monthly property management fee is automatically deducted from the gross rent. Any additional services will be deducted and detailed at this time.

    Owners funds
    We mail monthly owner's funds between the 10th and the 15th of each month, for the current months income. A reserve is maintained for each property. Any known expenses will also be reserved in the trust account.

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